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KHM MoussaultArts Music

Music can be heard everywhere and anytime in life. Not only does it has to be constantly in the spotlights, but it can serve media such as films or games. 

With my media music work I strive to provide high quality assets to serve a bigger goal.

My motto with media music is: everyone loves music, but they don't know it yet 

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Soundtrack Night of Mother Russia

Night of mother Russia 2304x2304.jpg

soundtrack inspired by the Baltic and Russian winter, with a hint of Sovjet history 


Music for Shortfilm

Music for shortfilm for the Berlin International Film Scoring Competition


Tragic Hero's Requiem Pack for games

Fully loopable theme with 8 different variations/ orchestrations. perfect for tragic game moments. 

Full version sold on

Tragic hero's Requiem Pack.jpg


Hero's Journey Essential Trailer

Trailer music for the upcoming Hero's Journey Essential music pack. Sold on


Bridgerton Scene

my video for the Spitfireaudio Bridgerton composition competition 2022


Custom Music

order a soundtrack as a gift for a loved one

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Orchestral song accompaniment

custom orchestrated song accompaniment

Song by Ype Wielinga


Personal introduction Music

personal introduction music for person or corporation

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